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Earth and Space

Welcome to Spacepower Ascendant

Space is a domain like any other, and Space Development Theory has two specific tenets. First, domains go through the same development progression of Exploration, Expansion, Exploitation, and Exclusion. Missions are done for reasons - a mission for exploration to Mars is less valuable than a mission to Moon for exploitation. Second, mature domains also recognize a civilian/military split. In the naval domain, this is seapower/maritime. In the aerial domain, it is airpower/aviation. In space, it is proposed to be Spacepower/Astronautics

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Solar Eclipse

Space Force Association Interview Part 1 (1 hr)

A very nice interview by the Space Force Association, by Bill Woolf. This is the first of a two-part interview. This one is the introduction and discusses Bluewater and Brownwater, and Chinese space theory.

Lunar Craters

Space Force Association Interview part 2 (1 hr)

The second half of the interview with the Space Force Association, discusses Chinese theory, people who contributed to Spacepower Ascendant, and what’s coming up next. 


Interview by Chris Stone

Interviewed by Chris Stone on his YouTube channel. Very nice of him, and was very relaxed conversation about space and Space Development Theory. 


Article in SpaceWatch.Global

The coming Moon development is put in the context of the Chinese/US strategic competition. It highlights Chinese aggression and duplicity, and why this is so concerning in the space domain.


Spacepower Ascendant

Whether it is recognized or not, America is engaged in a space race with China. Unlike the previous between the USA and the USSR that resulted in multiple Moon landings, this is a new space race to expand and exploit the resources of the solar system. America initially embarked on this race in a similar fashion to the previous one, focusing on scientific exploration of deep space and satellite support to terrestrial military forces. The new space race demands a new mindset that integrates maritime commerce and naval warfare principles into space missions using a whole of government approach. The goal is national power projection into the space domain, both deep space itself and the planets and moons in it. The purpose of this book is to examine China’s theory and strategy in the current space race, extrapolate the current strategic trajectories, and then propose a new theory and strategy for space that will result in a continuous advantage for America, its allies, and all lawful and non-hostile users of space. Space Development Theory posits that new areas and domains go through a progression of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and exclusion. America’s space experience is almost exclusively in exploration with some expansion into Earth’s orbits while China is moving quickly to both expand and exploit resources on the Moon and beyond. America must embrace a new paradigm for space or live in a world dominated by China’s policies and global organization.
Paperback -
Kindle - Spacepower Ascendant: Space Development Theory and a New Space Strategy

Earth and Space

Spacepower Ascendant Briefing (2hrs)

This is a link to the Spacepower Ascendant briefing and video of me delivering the briefing to a group. 

Moon Clouds

China in Space (AdamCriglerIRL YT Channel)

Joined my friends Namrata Goswami, Michael Laine, and Sean McClain to discuss China’s plans in space on the Adam show. Great conversation, and the chat is always amusing to watch.


A Better Future: The Futures of Space

An excellent discussion between myself and Dr. Brad Townsend about the shape that space should take in the future, some of the struggles now and perspective from international partners. The disagreements revolve around what the threat is, how best to counter it, and how to balance the risk of seeking to win vs seeking to not lose.

Lunar Craters

Better Space Futures Afterparty with Adam Crigler YT

After the Space Futures debate, went on Adam Crigler’s show with Namrata Goswami, Pete Garretson, Mike Laine, and Sean McClain. Once again, great chat with Adam and a wonderful time. The chat was predictably fun to read afterward.


Everyday Spacer Appearance (Nov 2021)

Was offered the opportunity to go on the Everyday Spacer YouTube and discuss Space Development Theory in the context of the current strategic struggle between the U.S., China and Russia. We had a great time talking about a number of topics. Check out her channel here: Check out my discussion with her here:


Article on Space Policy - Mir Sadat and Bruce Cahan

Wrote this article on Mir Sadat’s and Bruce Cahan’s report on space policy and economic development. A great report worthy of consideration and application to the current Second Space Race.

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A Bit About Us

Carpe Astra

Our mission at Spacepower Ascendant is to spread a vision of space that goes beyond “flags and footprints” to economic benefit that bolsters national power. 

Spacecraft in Orbit
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