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Ascendant Space Strategic Sim (AS3)

Education for the Next Generation

The first game produced by Ascendant, in collaboration with RedSpace, is the Ascendant Space Strategic Sim (AS3), planned for the iOS and Android systems, with an eventual Windows version. This game focuses on the game-ification of learning, turning complex problems and difficult concepts into a fun and engrossing game with possibilities as vast as the stars. The question is not if we will return to the Moon, the question is whose flag will be there.

Below are some screenshots from our demo, which is pre-alpha build.

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Game Concept

All the epic scope of great power competition, in space, and put together by a team of space professionals with more than 100 years combined between them. Drawn from commercial, military, and educational backgrounds, the AS3 team is working to give you excellence.

Capturing the scope of epic strategy on a handheld device isn't easy. Trying to explain space and the ongoing revolution is even harder. The AS3 team is up to the challenge.

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The scope of the game is significant - covering the "Second Space Race" (the race back to the Moon for position and resources) all the way up to founding the first new settlement in another star system. These are depicted on the far right under the various game scenarios.

We also want to let people from all nations experience the Second Space Race from their own perspectives - and so we intend to make all nations able to be played, eventually. To start, we have the major space powers represented. These are represented in the bottom right by the national flags.

Game Scope.png
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You will be called on to manage your national will and resources. Specifically, technology, industrial production, workforce, and political ties. All of this while mustering your space forces and industry to be successful. These are depicted on the far left of this screen.

Game Management.png
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Platform and Graphics

Designed for iOS and Android with eventual production on Windows, AS3 is being built in Unity and uses the graphics engine to create clear and detailed models that can be easily viewed on mobile screens.

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Returning to the Moon

The Moon is the Canary Islands of space. It is just the first, though important, step. The Second Space Race is a competition between the major powers to return to the Moon and establish permanent settlements there, to Expand. After that, they must Exploit, gain economic benefit, and then best their competitors to become the recognized superior spacepower.

The Moon.png
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